5 World Class Hotel Designs You Can Apply In Your Own Home

5 World Class Hotel Designs You Can Apply In Your Own Home

Travelling and exploring new destinations can widen our perspective about our lifestyle and our living space. We all have been through the enticing experience of falling in love with our hotel rooms. Whether it’s your luxury bedroom and exquisite bathroom or the modern layout of your hotel room, there are certainly ways to integrate these features into your cozy abode. 

While you might not be able to transform your home layout into a Hilton 5 star VIP suite, we will be discussing a few tips from the experts that can help you replicate the same vibe that too on a budget:

1. Have a Color Palette

One thing in common amongst all the biggest chains of hotels is that they stick to a color palette while decorating a room. Whether it’s the lobby or the master bedroom, you can always pinpoint a specific color palette that complements the furniture and décor. When it comes to integrating luxury and elegance, we recommend not go for any feminine or masculine louder tones. Instead, narrow down your options to a few neutral shades such as beige, creams, greys and pearly whites. 

2. The Master Bed

When it comes to our rooms, we tend to neglect them very often. But trust me, the smallest of changes can make a huge impact. First of all, the master bed is the center of attention in most hotel rooms. If you can afford an update, perhaps venture into a modern yet classic high quality king size bed instead of the usual one you have. This is an investment that can last a long time. Next, buying a set of ultra high quality sheets with silk pillow cases can make all the difference. 

3. Flooring Upgrade

Are you reminiscing over those cozy earthy wooden floorings in your hotel room? Do you wish to recreate the same for your bedroom? Well, in reality, hotels do use real wood which I do recommend too, but if you’re short on budget, then looking into laminate flooring is a pretty good idea to replicate the same. Not only is it affordable, it is highly DIY friendly and comes in a variety of color palettes to choose from.

4. The Spa Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most exciting feature of every hotel room. If you’re looking to remodel, go for a neutral palette with a few luxurious touches such as marble or granite sinks and countertops. Perhaps integrate a full size bath tub with a unique style. If you’re a shower person, a full glass cubicle looks modern yet chic. Last but not least, add all the toiletries and a stack of fresh fluffed towels and bathrobes to add to the luxurious appeal.

5. A Few Key Features Is All It Takes

Sometimes you don’t need to schedule a whole revamp of your space. For instance, merely adding a chandelier to your dining room table, adding a ottoman to your bedroom or simply arranging your very own coffee table in your lounge can add to the luxurious appeal of your house.  

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