5 Ways to Save Now

5 Ways to Save Now

5 Ways to Save: With all the uncertainty today, it is more important than ever to be able to budget and save on travel.

Here are five of our tips:

  1. Go off-season to save up to 50%.

While Paris is always one of the most expensive places to visit, I found 4-star hotels in January that were reduced from $400/night to $200. For exploring museums and galleries, the cold weather was no problem.

  1. Swap out high-end destinations for less well-known places in the same region.

When looking for a European ski trip, I made my way to Slovenia, the former Yugoslavia, at half the price of Switzerland and had the added benefit of a range of side trips off the beaten path.

  1. Check with regional air carriers like Air New Zealand for less well-known options. They can give a more authentic view of local life and be less pricey.

Air New Zealand tipped me off to Rarotonga which back then had hotels 1/3 the daily rate of Tahiti!

  1. Whatever lodging style you choose, be aware that the suburbs and especially the countryside will always be better values than staying in city centers. The key is to have ready access to cheap, frequent surface transportation.

One of the best deals I found was again on a trip to Paris. A travel buddy and I found a really cheap deal at the Sheraton at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The subway into town was nearby and very easy so we could have a full day and evening in the heart of the city.

  1. Watch out for the high cost of eating out every day when abroad. It adds up fast. I have always been a fan of finding the minimarts and full-service grocery stores on arrival and stocking my guest room with bottles of water and snacks. Taking it one step further on a solo trip through the Nordic Region, I had a “picnic’ in my room for about $10 when my hotel advertised a special dinner for $100+!

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