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5 Ways to Pack from Jetway to Runway TravelStyle from Solo Trekker 4 U

5 Ways to Pack from Jetway to Runway TravelStyle from Solo Trekker 4 U:  I am a firm believer that if I can’t pack “smart” with just a carry-on maybe I should stay home! Besides the cost of checking bags, who wants to drag an extra 20-30 pounds around the globe!  Here are this week’s results of scouting the Internet from the Jetway to the Runway!

5 Ways to Pack from Jetway to Runway:

Tip One: Pack an all-weather jacket. Even for the tropics, there are 2 reasons: i. air conditioning blasts and ii.rain.

If you don’t know TravelSmith, visit their website. They have a wide range of travel clothes, including reversible skirts.

5 Ways to Pack from Jetway to Runway:

Tip Two: Pack versatile tops that can take tropical heat and be quickly laundered on the road.

These shirts from ExOfficio come in a range of colors and are trademarked “BugsAway”! I lived in them in the Amazon Upriver and in Southeast Asia. In malarial zones, it is key to have protection. You can treat your own clothes, but it is a chore.  I looked at the sprays and saw it required leaving clothes to drive outside. That does not work in cold months or in an apartment.  I say just go with Bugsaway.

5 Ways to Pack from Jetway to Runway:

Tip Three:

Take tops that move easily from day to evening.

I am really keen on these Indian blouse designs. Even before my trip to India, I had three in my closet. They are great for many reasons: i. They have bright colors and a range of fabrics for every budget. ii. They are good for all ages and body types. iii. They offer some protection from sun without being too hot. iv. They provide coverage where needed to be respectful of local customs. v. Many have enough bling to go from day into evening. Mine went with me through the Mekong Delta. I even took one from DC to Jaipur to be copied for three new silk blouses.

5 Ways to Pack from Jetway to Runway: Make dresses work for you!

Tip Four:  Take one to two dresses that dress up and down, survive the heat and don’t show wear.  I know most of us spend our work weeks or daily family life in pants.  However, there is much to be said with having a dress in your bag or worn on the plane.   We found these online that wear well. (Do check before they go to your cart, that the size and LENGTH work for you!  When I buy pants, I find they are all for 6 foot tall women.)

If you don’t know Chico’s, you must go to their website. They have a full travel line. Many of their clothes have a look of the US Southwest. Their lightweight jackets are a great pick year round.

Some of us  “grew up” wearing Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dress. It is very much alive and updated. The fabrics wear well so are a good choice for trips.

I like this look since it is almost Chanel in feel and of course, a bright color. This could go from day to night easily.

5 Ways to Pack from Jetway to Runway: Shoes and accessories can be practical and chic. (Ditch those sneakers!):

Tip Five:

Take easy to wear ballet flats or shoes with solid heels. Use a small purse, and leave the fanny pack at home!

These are my personal favorites for style, comfort and price. They are great to wear or pack for your trip.  Today I went online to find my 9th pair! I can’t get enough of them.  (Stay tuned for our May TravelStyle deals.)

Do you still think about the Rubik Cube? I do! Here it is for globe trotting! ONe good thing: A thick heel like that is best to walk on. Finish your look off with a small purse. (Ditch that fanny pack.)  They hold enough and don’t shout “tourist”. They are great too for day to night.

My personal collection of small purses

A View from the Runway/Red Carpet:

Most of us don’t have the budget for couture. However, we can create some knock-off’s pretty easily.  My favorite story? Some time ago, I saw that the cover of Vogue had a fabulous Carolina Herrera. It was a deep brown velvet long dress with a crisp yellow satin underskirt. I was inspired and dumpster dived into my closet. I found the wine velvet dress below I wore a loooong time ago. I dusted it off and headed to the seamstress. I had a slit cut and a fuchsia underskirt and cumberbund added.  It and I have seen many a gala as one.  So check out the runway style, and make it your own!

My Updated “Ballgown”

This Diane von Furstenberg would be easy to wear and easy to pack.  If you shop the sales, you are likely to find a knock-off.

As June is near, it is getting to be wedding season!  Even as solos, we can really admire the couture looks for brides today!

Here is one very high fashion look I loved:

Courtesy of

Moving past the practical day to day world to Red Carpet looks, there was no surprise there: Brides let the way!  Even as solos, some of the looks are more evening gown than wedding chapel. The good news is that sales that follow may include real steals.  That is very true since new bridal fashions include second time brides and dresses in colors. (Red is customary in India for example.)



From Jimmy Choo – Better for sitting than walking!

If  you want your own “solo” wedding, see our blog on creative celebrations for Japanese bride.  They found they could “have it all” even without a groom.

Don’t forget vintage looks for value and style.

Far right: Oscar de la Renta for evening

Send us your own packing tips and links to favorite stores and designers.

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