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5 Unique Islands to Visit in Greece

Athens, Mykonos, Corfu.

That’s what comes to mind when you think about a vacation in Greece. But it’ll surprise you to know Greece has many more hidden gems to which you can escape. A search beyond popular guidebooks will lead you to discover some of the most romantic and quiet islands for a perfect getaway.

1. Delos

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was once a magnificent Greek Island city. Today the 2-square mile island is uninhabited with the major feature being archeological ruins from 300BC. It’s hard to imagine that this island was the ancient world’s affluent commercial center.

Back then, there were grand villas, complete with breathtaking mosaic tile floors that were popular with the wealthy. A closer look at the well-preserved panther head in Dionysus will give you a glimpse into the ancient world.

Also notable are the remains from the toilet rooms of residents in the then opulent villas with canals that directed all wastewater to the sea. While here, don’t forget to visit the Delos Archaeological Museum that houses some of the most beautiful ancient marble sculptures you’ll ever see!

Being in Delos gives you a sense of what the ancient years were like. The best way to visit this island is by taking a boat excursion from Mykonos. You can also charter a boat from this nifty site

2. Ikaria

This unique island is tucked away along the Turkish coast. It takes a 2-hour ferry ride to access it from Mykonos.

What makes this island unique?

Well, Ikaria is one place where you have most people living long, healthy lives. It’s categorized among the 5 Blue Zones in the world where people live longer, healthier lives than in other parts. The others are Nicoya (Costa Rica), Okinawa (Japan), Loma Linda (California) and Sardinia (Italy).

One out of three people on Ikaria attain over 90 years of age while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They live with no depression, no dementia. Very few people have cancer and a significantly low number of people suffer from heart disease compared to the number of cases in North America.

It may tempt you to ask, ‘how is this possible?’

Well, it’s simple. The inhabitants of Ikaria have embraces healthy eating habits. Talk about locally grown veges, beans, fresh fish, among others. Not to mention they also make organic red wine. They also walk more and are not too stressed about time.

There’s no doubt your holiday in Ikaria will be stress free and healthy.

You can spend some time at Faros beach. Clear, calm water characterizes this pristine sand and pebble beach, perfect when you want to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

3.  Santorini

Did you know that a 1600BC massive volcanic eruption blew up Santorini’s middle?

That’s what makes this island unique!

Everything about this island is breathtaking. A walk along the caldera from Fira’s capital to Oia, the white sugar cube village, will give you more pleasurable ways to appreciate nature. Be sure to catch the most spectacular sunset you’ll ever see at Oia. You certainly will not stop clicking away from your camera. 

Sailing is the best way to appreciate the different viewpoints to enjoy this island’s scenery. If you love swimming, be sure to bring your costume ready to jump off the boar to experience the underwater hot springs gushing at Nea Kameni, an uninhabited lava islet.

Staying in a cave hotel is a great way to crown your Santorini experience.

4. Skyros

Skyros is one of the non-touristy and unique islands in Greece worth visiting. It is one of Greece’s best kept secrets, this island is part of the Sporades archipelago.

Whether you want to snorkel in crystal clear waters, tan on sandy beaches or enjoy Greek cuisine, Skyros is your best bet. While here, don’t forget to explore the sea cave that is now transformed into a chapel.

Visit the site where Rupert Brooke, an English poet, was buried on the island, check out the rare breed of Skyrian horses and discover more!

5.  Milos

Another hidden gem, Milos remains unspoiled. Famed for the discovery of the ‘Venus de Milo’ statue, this island houses ancient mines, natural hot springs, cute harbor towns with fishing boats offshore, spectacular rock formations and many authentic restaurants.

There’s no denying that whatever your preference, a visit to these Greek islands guarantees you a quintessential experience. Whether you prefer sailing around the beaches or you simply want to connect with the culture, there’s something for everyone. All you must do is produce an itinerary; it will surprise you just how much you can do while creating memories.

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