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5 Tips on Shopping Abroad-Solo Travel Style

5 Tips on Shopping Abroad-Solo Travel Style from Jetway to Runway:

Getting to go abroad and prowl chic shops is the best of all. However, with the Internet, you can shop from home and save the costs. See our five tips to make it work better and to save more.


5 Tips on Shopping Abroad-Solo Travel Style:

Tip One:

Think if your “great find” worn at home on the street will look like you are on the way to a costume party! As a German exchange student in Gymnasium, I found this out. On my “must have” list was a pair of Lederhosen.  The old problem? Men and boys might wear them for special times,  but only little girls wore them not grown up students. My solution? I bought a pair for myself but only wore them at home!

5 Tips on Shopping Abroad-Solo Travel Style:

Tip Two:

Size does matter when you can’t try something on.  I found a stylish ski outfit from Hong Kong online one year in my “size”.  Two problems arose: I failed to convert from Hong Kong/British sizes to my US size. I did not think too about the fact that I would wear big ski sweaters under it and need the next size. Even if you are abroad and can try something on there, watch out that the right “sizes” may be the wrong fit.  I found this out on the “5th Avenue” of St. Petersburg, Russia. I found a hard to come by item: chic knee high rain boots. Although my calves can look like “bird legs” in some selfies, the boots were still too tight when zipped up. I can use them but not with much comfort.

Tip Three:

Substitute foreign-inspired designer outfits with the authentic product at half the price! Years ago I discovered Indian kurti blouses and tunics. There were three great benefits: 1. They added cover when traveling to places where needed and helped me avoid sunburns. 2. Kurti blouses came in bright silks that were still light and cool even with long sleeves. 3. They can often go easily from day to night where there is detailed embroidery or bling at the neck.


5 Tips on Shopping Abroad-Solo Travel Style:

Tip Four:

Make your look pop with two-toned prints or color blocking. Mix two contrasting fabrics and textures to add sizzle.

Tip Five: Before you buy, check out some of these additional weblinks below.

Clothes made for travel but promise style:


Lady Light Travel



Online shopping:




From jetway to runway:

If you too love colors that pop and have $3,600 to spare, consider buying from the Gucci runway.


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