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5 Tips For Solo Travelers for Hiking Safely

5 safety Tips for Hiking Alone:  Hiking is a great way to get exercise. It is also one way to get away from the day-to-day hectic world. You may even  be able to spot wildlife in their natural habitat! This year more than ever travelers are heading out by car to state and national parks so solo hikers must consider safety. See our personal tips below!

5 safety Tips for Hiking Alone:

What are the dangers in recent times:

In the past week, a hiker was found safe after getting lost outside Seattle. She and her dogs had made it several days rummaging for anything they could find to eat. As a cross-country skier, I have frequently been concerned about losing my way, especially in light of the cold temperatures, and the fact that snow-covered terrain can easily look all the same.  This is a concern in warm climates as well. After learning of a couple unfortunately on their first date getting lost in a rainforest, I thought of this as a travel companion and I explored an Australian wilderness. Although watching where we were going, we, too, managed to get lost but comically found ourselves walking alongside a Queensland highway. Our rainforest sojourn ended up to be an urban stroll!

Even experienced hikers in top athletic shape can find themselves turned around and potentially struggling with a sprained ankle. As a result, it t is important to consider safety tips before heading out.

5 safety Tips for Hiking Alone:

1. Always leave word with reliable friends or family members before heading out as to the route your hike will take and the approximate timing.

5 safety Tips for Hiking Alone:

2. If you plan to be off a well-worn and frequently visited path, check it out ahead of time via the Internet or if a national or state park, through their resources. Take your cell phone and GPS but realize you may not be in a service area so therefore you need to take, and know how to read, a good old-fashioned compass.

5 safety Tips for Hiking Alone:

3. Never underestimate hypothermia even in warm climates. A lost hiker, even in the desert, can find quickly dropping temperatures at sundown.  Hypothermia is a greater risk if it is windy or you are wet.

5 safety Tips for Hiking Alone:

4.  Carry a whistle or other device that can serve as an alarm if you are lost in a remote area.  I have a very shrill whistle on a wristband left over from sailing classes.  Its piercing sound would carry much farther than calls for help.

5 safety Tips for Hiking Alone:

5. Prepare for any accidents or potential hazards. In the West, poisonous snakes are an issue whereas colder climes may have bears made aggressive as they protect their cubs. I was surprised the first time I went hiking in the Shenandoah to have a large bear run right across my path.

Consider what you are likely to face and always be prepared. See

For more information, see also How To Stay Safe: The Ultimate Guide To Hiking Safety.

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