5 Things to See and Do in Iceland

5 Things to See and Do in Iceland

As the name suggests, Iceland is a land full of ice formations. However, cold should not deter you, since Iceland is warmer than the United Kingdom during winter. There are a couple of reasons why you should visit Iceland. The place is characterised by nature wonders ranging from springs, the northern lights, and fantastic coastal views. There is no doubt that Iceland should top your travel bucket list. The country is rich in outstanding culture and unique natural beauty, waiting to be discovered by you!

Tour the Blue Lagoon 

The Blue Lagoon a notable attraction in Iceland. Imagine submerging yourself in warm blue water that heats naturally. Isn’t that amazing? Those are some of the pleasant experiences you will have at the one and only Blue Lagoon. Not only is it a geothermal spa but also the charming moon-like landscape is breathtaking. After submerging yourself in the silica and sulfur precious water, there is no doubt that your body will defy your age. You will definitely emerge looking like a new person. If you want to know how the natural spa was formed, devote some time, and visit the Blue Lagoon. 

Go on A Whale Watching Tour

While watching whales at the bay, you might not see how huge these animals are. When you take a whale watching tour in Iceland, you will have an opportunity to watch these animals both inland and sea. All you need is to buy a ticket and find your way to the old Reykjavik harbour. You will learn how whales behave in the ocean and the challenges they face in the ocean. 

Visit North Iceland And Dettifoss Waterfall

Northern Iceland is a real stunner and a renowned tourist destination for all ages. If you have been looking for a land of dreams, look no further. There are a lot of fun and diverse experiences ranging from tranquil hot springs, whizzing waterfalls to glaciers galore, to mention a few. Besides adventuring, you will experience peace and love away from home. The people of Akureyri, a scarcely populated city in the northern region, will treat you like a neighbor! 

Besides watching magical lights, you will have an opportunity to tour the famous Dettifoss waterfalls. When you visit the waterfalls, don’t forget to snap a photo to take the memory with you forever! 

Watch the Northern Lights

Ever heard of the magical Northern lights? Visit the northern part of Iceland and witness the thrilling natural show. The northern lights themselves make Iceland a leading tourist destination. If you are lucky enough, you will have a chance to watch mystical green lights swaying in a crystal clear, cold night with your best friend or loved one.  

Explore Reykjavik 

Reykjavik is the ideal place for fun and adventure. The city has a lot to boost for ranging from being a treasured trove of celebrated historical and cultural attractions to a vibrant art and music location. It is the northernmost capital city in the universe, which is rather scarcely populated. If you are a nightlife enthusiast, there is more to explore in this city. The list of thrilling activities you should consider in this beautiful city is endless. When you tour the northern town, make sure you visit Reykjavik’s swimming pools, the Hallgrimskirkja church, experience the city’s nightlife, and enjoy the local cuisine

Iceland may be an unexpected place not high on your list of go-to places, but hopefully after this you reconsidered a bit! Take a long weekend from work, grab your significant other or best friend and off you go. 

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