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5 Survival Secrets For Solo Female Backpackers in Australia

Ready for adventure? See these 5 Survival Tips for Solo Female Backpackers in Australia: a guest post by John Brooks*:

Australia is a country with a ton of sceneries to explore; there’s wilderness, beaches, scorching deserts, and much more! You can join a photo tour to learn how to capture the beautiful wilderness in its raw form or go on your own expedition to see the beauty firsthand. When you decide for a solo backpacking tour in Australia; Safety for a female backpacker is no concern since it is one of the safest countries in the world. But before you start packing your bag for your solo tour, here are some survival secrets you might want to know of, to make your trip a whole lot easier.:

1. Pack light

Australia has a warm climate; hence there is no need for bulky jackets and uncomfortable scarfs. Since your items will be in a backpack and with you at all times, it is best to pack light clothes to allow extra space for carrying essentials and other survival articles of keen importance.


Besides, it isn’t necessary to stuff your backpack. Allow some breathing room and make sure it is light enough that you can carry it with ease because Australia or any tour for that matter is no walk in the park. There will be a lot of walking on your trip, so make it easy on yourself (and your back) by packing light and cover more areas with ease!

2. Keep the Essentials

Many people pack all the things they think they need and finally forget the essentials. The best way to make sure that you got everything you need is by making a list. Make it, days before your trip, and mark each item off the list when you pack it! People tend to forget the components they cannot live without, Such as medicines and hygiene products. Considering you will be an independent woman alone in your tour de Australia, make sure you do not run out of essential items in your trip, spoiling your mood and the journey!  (Solo Trekker: For packing tips, get our free app, the Solo Sherpa, at the App Store or for Android devices at the Play Store.)

Keep a healthy amount of cash on hand as well for Plan B because even if you forget an essential item, you can easily buy it from any shop on the way.

3. Don’t go wandering

You need to be careful if you aren’t a regular solo rider, Joseph Mak recommends that you take a guide on your first visit and do not wander off alone. Australia is a safe place for women to travel alone, but in a strange land, you can encounter dangers in the safest of regions. Communication is accessible because English is the main spoken language, so make sure you are fluent in the tongue and stick to your tour. Keep a data package when you are there and a handy GPS to make sure you do not lose directions. However, the case is entirely different if you are a frequent traveler because experienced tourists have the know-how and the proper reaction to wandering off in a foreign country.

4. Be aware of the wildlife

If you are planning on a photo trip to Australia, then you are sure to find a very diverse and unique group of wildlife, so do not forget to pack your camera! Australia is rich in diverse fauna, making it a heaven for an animal lover. There are spider seasons and croc seasons in Australia where you can find monstrous beasts roaming the streets.


Scattered throughout the country is a very diverse and unique group of animals. You will find the deadly box jellyfish in Queensland, Western Australia, and other Northern areas. On the very top, you will see real-life crocodiles in the water. And the infamous kangaroos, they may look cute and friendly, but they are not to be messed around with because they bear immense strength to knock down a fully grown man.


So make sure to maintain your distance and take guidance from the locals before entering any new place on your own.

5. Have Fun!

Aussies mostly speak English, and it is effortless to communicate with the general population. The residents are helpful and friendly. They are hospitable and will help you in any way they can.


But one of the significant downsides is that the things over there are costly. If you are not careful with how you spend, you may end up bankrupt soon.


Ideally, if you should start saving long before you plan a trip to Australia, and once you arrive there, try not to spend too much on useless things. Keep yourself limited to the things that you need and do ask yourself twice before buying that pair of shoes or a new shirt.


In all honesty, Australia has much natural beauty that doesn’t cost much, so instead of dining in fancy 5-star restaurants and shopping for clothes in huge malls; explore the real beauty of Australia, explore the wildlands!


Australia is a beautiful place and is meant for you if you are adventurous and like to travel a lot. It is filled with very hospitable people and very eye-popping wildlife. With careful preparations, you are sure to enjoy yourself in this amazing country.

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