5 Solo Travel Tips on Packing to Save

5 Solo Travel Tips on Packing to Save

Solo Travel Tips on Packing to Save. Each airline still has been coming up with new fees for bags, meals and special booking. To make it worse, there is no set fee or standard for what size bag can be carried on.  I was shocked on a flight for 17 days in Asia to have just 11 pounds allowed.  Since even light bags already way at least a pound, there was not much room for 2+ weeks of clothes.  Checking bags can really add up at $25 for each leg round trip. You may find that  at your final stop you get there with a lighter wallet and checked bag nowhere to be found. (On a non-stop one hour flight my luggage was “lost” for almost an hour’s wait on arrival.)  The bottom line: If you can’t take it on board, leave it at home!.

Solo Travel Tips on Packing to Save:

Packing Tip One:

Size matters. Watch out for size bags that fit when you take a small regional jet. They are used frequently even on longer hauls. The overhead bins may not be deep enough for the wheels on most carry on’s. (Larger planes can reduce the free space under the seat ahead to add latest entertainment systems and other electronics.)

Packing Tip Two:

Every item has two purposes.  Keep it light by taking everything from clothes to cosmetics that have a dual purpose. Some good examples: shampoo with conditioner, sunblock with a tint, comb and brush combined. Clothes for sports can double for sleepwear. Clothes that go from day to evening work well to save more space. (Pack one pair of gold/silver flats and sandals that go from day into evening.)

Packing Tip Three:

Travel in your bulkiest shoes. Be aware that in most major world capitals that sneakers can be out of place except for sports. I use ballet flats instead after testing them at home.

Packng Tip Four:

Wear a large scarf that can double as a belt or to cover your shoulders when air conditioning is too cold. This will come in handy when visiting sites that require covering up.

Packing Tip Five:

Use free plastic packaging that comes with pillows, linens and other purchases. This way you can find fast what you need. It also helps you save if you push the air out of each packet once they are filled.

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