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5 Simple Tips for Getting Organized for the Holidays

Holidays, regardless of type, come with friendly faces, delicious meals, and yes, gifts! So whether you’re getting ready for Easter, Thanksgiving, Cristhmas, or any other holiday the steps you need to take in preparation for the big day should be about the same. 

But, since we know things almost never go as planned, we thought to lend a helping hand and offer a list of five tips that will help you stay on top of things.

#1: Make a List

Ah, yes! The almighty list! 

While you may be tired of making lists, this one will save you a lot of trouble and stress as the holidays draw near. Our advice is to start making it a few months in advance and add everything you want to have ready until the big day. This includes anything from the type of foods you want to prepare or order, the gifts you want to buy, activities you want to do with friends and family, and so on.

To make sure you have it available whenever an idea pops in your mind, use an app that lets you access the list from any device. Also, it would be great to add your family members or friends to it – this way, you combine all the ideas in one list and can debate based on it. 

Quick tip: it’s probably best to keep the gifts on a separate list, that only you can access.

#2: Prepare The Gifts 

This is yet a step that needs your attention at least a few weeks before the holiday fever starts. So, if you don’t know what your giftees want yet, start paying attention to their social media feeds. Pinterest is a great platform for this type of things, so do a bit of snooping around their boards – you may find some amazing ideas. 

If nothing pops up, you may want to take a look at these curated & custom boxes chosen by experts. The advantage with these is that they come in a special box, that fits the content, so there’s no need to practice your wrapping skills anymore!

#3: Prepare Your Working Space

If you are the kind of person who likes to make the food and sweets at home, you know it is quite a huge task. Therefore, start preparing with at least a few weeks in advance by organizing the space in the kitchen. This means setting all the utensils in the order they’ll be used and making sure you have all the ingredients. Also, delegate tasks to all the available family members and let them know in advance about their role in preparing the feast. This way, they’ll have time to adjust to the idea and brace for the task to come. 

#4: Stock the Bar

While most of your guests will most likely come with a bottle of wine or other beverage, it’s best to be prepared. After all, once everybody is happy and fed, it’s the ideal time for a chat that can easily go for a few hours in a row. However, the discussion won’t go as smooth if the bar is running low. 

It’s also a nice idea to include everyone’s favorites and have some fruit juice, tea, and lemonade for the kids and guests who don’t drink alcohol. 

#5: Plan the Decorations

The decorations are part of the holiday spirit nowadays, so you can’t have a feast without the proper theme! However, a well-designed holiday decor requires some planning, so set up some time with the family to discuss these aspects. Once you agree on a theme and decorations, assign tasks to everyone and keep working on the plan until everything is in place. 

Of course, don’t forget to assign cleanup tasks as well. After all, those decorations also have to come down to be placed in storage for next year’s festivities. 

Wrap Up

While they are quite a bit of work, holidays are amazing occasions to bring the family and friends together and enjoy some time together. Moreover, you can diversify by changing the location of the feast. For instance, you may want to organize a trip with the entire family and enjoy wonderful moments together while discovering new locations. As long as you’re together, a holiday will always be a reason for joy and festivities!

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