You are currently viewing 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Tours or Event Management Company for Your Next MICE Japan Event

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Tours or Event Management Company for Your Next MICE Japan Event

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Tours or Event Management Company for Your Next MICE Japan Event.

Japan is well known as one of the most high-tech societies in the world. But attending a MICE Japan event isn’t just about getting to experience the breathtaking Shinkansen between meeting sessions. The country is rich in culture, history, landscapes, and cuisine that it’s impossible for one to even begin to exhaust it all with a month-long visit.

Nevertheless, though you cannot see it all, there are ways you can make your MICE event memorable while enjoying some of the best sights in the country. To do that, you’ll probably want to work with tours and/or events management company. Here’s why.

Optimal Location

There’s perhaps no other factor that’s as important to MICE success as the choice of the meeting venue. Participants and guests will have an unpleasant experience if your location is not quite right even if everything else about the meeting is perfect. 

As someone who isn’t familiar with all the venues in Japan, you will probably only think of 3 or 4 suitable locations. A tours and events management company, on the other hand, has a deep knowledge of the country and would know at least dozens of great venues including hidden gems that aren’t widely known. 

The company can evaluate your event requirements such as the number of attendees, event duration, event theme and preferred off-site excursions then find a venue that’s most suitable.


Events cost money. So any opportunity to cut your expenditure should be utilized. But you won’t know all the areas you could potentially save money on if you are not conversant with the Japan corporate tours and MICE events scene. The money can add up fairly quickly especially if you are a large group. 

Local tours and events management companies would have their ear to the ground at all times. They know what is a realistic rate for hotels, transportation, sightseeing and more since this is data they interact with on a daily basis all-year-round. They would know how to work with both a shoestring and an extravagant MICE budget.

Hotel Bookings

Accommodation will almost certainly be your biggest MICE Japan event cost. A poor choice of accommodation can also turn your evenings into a nightmare as you grapple with noise. Fortunately, the breadth of accommodation options in Japan is enormous and ranges from the low cost to the opulent. 

Irrespective of what type of accommodation you would prefer, your lack of knowledge of the hotels available to you would greatly limit your ability to take advantage of opportunities. A tours and events management company would take time to know your meeting venue, the number of attendees and your budget then leverage their understanding of nearby hotels and resorts to ensure no time or money is wasted in finding the most ideal place for your stay.


Food is one of the biggest causes of a culture shock when you travel to a different country. Since you are already used to a certain type of cuisine, you might need some help navigating the local food scene. Fortunately, plenty of international restaurant chains have a presence in Japan so if you don’t want to go local, you’ll probably find something you are used to. Also, certain Japanese food such as sushi is world-renowned, so perhaps it won’t be that unfamiliar to you. 

Nevertheless, your food options will vary greatly depending on where exactly in Japan the MICE event is taking place. It goes without saying that you’ll have far more alternatives in the big cities like Tokyo and Osaka than you would in smaller and more rural towns. Either way, a tours and events management firm could prove invaluable in organizing with the event venue and hotel to make sure the meal variety is to your satisfaction.


Japan’s capital Tokyo is the world’s most populous city with residents numbering a staggering 38+ million. While Japan is famous for its extremely efficient public transportation systems, the complexity of its cities can overwhelm even the most well-traveled visitors. Without a good knowledge of how to get from the airport to your hotel, event venue, and sightseeing locations, you could waste plenty of time each day trying to find your way around. 

By leaving the logistics arrangement to a tours and events management company, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always use the most optimal transportation during your stay. They are well versed in typical traffic flows, congested routes, seasonal fluctuations, and the most reputable bus, taxi and car hire vendors. The company could negotiate the best rates on your behalf and coordinate with local authorities and law enforcement in obtaining relevant permits and requesting security.

Japan is one of the best places in the world for MICE events. However, your experience will greatly hinge on your knowledge of the country. Working with a tours and events management company will ensure your stay is marked by convenience, efficiency, reliability and of course fun.

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