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5 Music Instruments That You Can Easily Travel With

The love for music knows no boundaries. It gets you moving around companied by your favorite musical instruments, for when the playing urge strikes. 

But, if you have been on the move for a while, you must have realized how difficult it’s to carry your entire set. 

However, you don’t have to leave everything behind. Here are some of the best 5 music instruments that you can take with you wherever you go.

  1. Ukelele

A “resting” ukelele can easily deceive your judgment. They are small, with a striking appearance. 

But that’s just at first glance. Once you pick one up and picked up, and get into action, the huge charm it produces will leave you mesmerized. 

According to Music Tech Hub, it’s one of the best instruments that are easier to learn for people at the age of 50 and above. 

It’s mainly made from light materials, so you won’t feel much of its weight moving around with it. Besides, you can comfortably store it in your small backpack and get moving. 

The Ukulele’s beautiful sounds are popularly linked to beach fun, colorful sunny days, and breathtaking carefree entertainment. 

  1. Harmonica

Harmonica is one of the easily underestimated musical instruments in the contemporary world. But music enthusiasts and professionals know its true value.

Though small, this musical instrument produces some of the most powerful sounds. 

However, you must invest time learning it, before you can comfortably pull a thrilling performance. 

Ensure you familiarize yourself with the harmonica’s harp key before investing in one. Otherwise, you might find yourself with several of them after a few practice sessions. 

Once you know your comfort zone, it gets addictive. So you would want to travel with it wherever you go.

The good thing though, is that it can easily slide into your pocket, and pretty affordable. 

  1. Mandolin

 Mandolins are beautiful. And they sound awesome too. 

They’re also quite versatile, allowing you to practice various melodies.

 You can also exercise your creativity with them since they have a wide range of chords.

Most bluegrass and folk players love these musical instruments. But it plays pop just as well.

However, the mandolin is a bit fragile, so should be handled with care while on transit. 

  1. Flutes

Flutes are readily available globally. They are among the oldest musical instruments, which still enjoy popularity in modern times. 

They come in various designs, so you get to choose according to preference. 

One thing though, all flutes are small-sized, therefore it shouldn’t be difficult fitting them into your travel bag. 

The most common sound associated with flutes is the impressive sounds they impact on folk songs. But, that’s not all, you can use them to spice up your rock band sessions and have a thrill.

  1. Guitar

Guitars might not be small, but their portability makes them amazing traveling companions. 

Besides, they’re played literally everywhere. So wherever you go, you can be sure to run-into playing buddies. 

Guitars have continuously evolved. For instance, currently, you can find some unique models in the marketplace. 

Feel free to share tips, discuss various techniques and practice some more with fellow wandering guitarists.

You can always select between a standard guitar and compact designs for travelers. The choice depends on your mode of transportation, and of course other available luggage.


Life is beautiful with music in it. And any traveling musician knows this too well. 

But sometimes fitting a musical instrument into your ready-to-go backpack is frustrating. And it takes a wise musician to know which instruments favor their nomad habits. 

We hope this list points you in the right direction. 

Also, feel free to share with us which instrument(s) works for you.

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