5 Incredible Road Trips for You and Your Travel Buddy

5 Incredible Road Trips for You and Your Travel Buddy

Road trips are one of the most effective ways of releasing stress. You can get the chance to reflect on your life, lessen your stress without costing much money, experience music with scenery, experience diversity of cultures, and go on an adventure. 

Road trips actually give us benefits both in physical and mental states. So, tap your travel buddy and plan the road trip of your life. Here’s a list of the most incredible road trip destinations you can go to:

1. North Coast 500

Located in the country of Scotland, North Coast 500 is a 516-mile route that offers a view of various landscapes, beaches, wildlife, museums, heritages, and castles. This road trip is hailed as one of the world’s best go-to road trip places. Scotland is one of the only places in the UK that allows wild camping and this is something many will like to do along the way. The whole trip may take at least 5-7 days because it’s really designed as a touring and sight-seeing place. 

Therefore, you want to make sure to prepare your camera to capture iconic sceneries and places, especially when driving past the Eilean Donan Castle which is one of the most photographed places in the country.

2. Route 66

Route 66, also known as “The Mother Road”, is a 2,448-mile road covering 8 states and three time zones in the US. The road starts in Chicago, Illinois and ends in Los Angeles, California with a duration of 30 hours driving without stops. Driving along Route 66 gives a mixture of landscapes, small town, roadside attractions, history, and livelihoods.

When on Route 66, it’s possible to fulfil your childhood dreams and visit Disney World. Just swing by Orlando airport to arrange a hire car in order to take in Disney World and then head to Vegas after, for so more adult fun. It’s only a part of Route 66 but is a great road trip if you lack time driving the whole road.

3. Route 62 

Known as the longest wine route and most Instagrammed in terms of road trips, Route 62 is a 528-mile road with amazing scenery and towns. It is originally known as Cape Route 62 and stretches along the Western Cape of South Africa to Eastern Cape. The whole trip bypassing route 62 gives a scenic route of farming towns like Calitzdorp, Ladismith, Amalienstein. 

Wine-producing towns such as Barrydale, Montagu, and Ashton will be passed by. There are also healing spring, flowing rivers, red-soiled terrain, and stark cliff faces. Route 62 truly holds a wonderful view that can give you a peaceful road trip away from the hustle of the main cities.

4. Route des Grands Crus

Route des Grands Crus is a 37-mile diverse and interesting stretch of road located in the southern part of Burgundy. The route starts in Dijon to the road west of Santenay’s main highway. Route de Grand Crus means “the Great Wine Trails” which only represents a portion of the Burgundy region and can be drive in one day. 

The wine in Route des Grands Crus is known as one of the best wine tasting trails in France. There are several varieties of wine in the area such as Pinot Grus, Sauvignon Blanc, and Aligoté. Therefore, make sure you stop at vineyards for a wine taste.

5. The Ring Road

Encircling the entire country of Iceland is an 800-mile route called The Ring Road. This holds the most spectacular attractions such as waterfalls, volcanoes, and black sand beaches. You will be also able to see different wildlife like whales and puffins. There are also geothermal waters available in the country of Iceland. 

Although there are a lot of attractions along the Ring road, you may also consider visiting places that are out of the main road to have the best experience in Iceland. When planning a road trip in the Ring Road, make sure to take note of the weather since driving during winter is quite difficult hence you may not enjoy a road trip.

Road trips would really give you and your travel buddy sceneries and a very amazing experience. The spectacular scenes itself can be stress-relieving already together with the memories you have created with the person you are with.

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