5 Factors that Influence the Airports Parking Rates

5 Factors that Influence the Airports Parking Rates

Airport parking is one of the growing industries in the economy. However, the biting challenge for most travelers is, how do they reduce the parking. Well, if you’re planning to stay for long, Perth airport long term parking is your best bet. 

The levies are ever-increasing. And the reasons for this are very diverse. But the question is, how you will make sure you save money on your parking costs. 

Your only solution is hiring a company that compares different parking costs and advise on the best option. A firm like Parkos ensures you’re parking your vehicle safely and at an affordable price. 

Airport parking costs vary depending on these factors; 

Space Availability 

The demand for airport parking is ever on the rise. With this, the parking rate is expected to be higher. 

However, you can pay lower rates by booking ahead of time. Here, you’ll get the best prices. 

But there’s a catch; you expose your car to various vulnerabilities and damage. But don’t let this force you to pay higher rates. 

Look for a trustable firm to assist you book parking. If possible, they should compare different car parks and their rates. Let them help you with the option to choose.

The Season 

The prices also vary depending on time or seasons. For instance, at festive and public holidays, the rates will be high. 

These holidays include Christmas and summer periods. Compare the costs between different companies, their rates and decide where to park your vehicle. 

The Parking Service 

Several car providers offer different packages to their clients. These include Business Parking, Park and Ride or Meet and Greet parking service. 

Each of these services charges a different parking levy. The Meet and Greet offer a higher convenience at different rates. The park and Ride give the best value for your money. 

Also, decide on whether you need valet parking or not. If you do, then prices are bound to increase. 

The Extent of Your Trip 

How long is your vacation? A more extended vacation translates to higher parking costs.

When calculating costs, airport providers consider the number of days you use their service. If you book parking and overstay, the firm adds a penalty fee to your daily charges. 

The Parking Provider 

Prices also fluctuate depending on your supplier. Each firm has a specific charge for different airports. 

Therefore, before you start your journey, compare what different providers charge. Use this info and select one that charges favorable rates for your budget. 

If you don’t have time to make a comparison, don’t worry! Parkos helps you to compare prices and select the best provider. 

But don’t forget, the price is not everything! As you focus on lower rates, don’t ignore the safety and security of your car.


When traveling, you want to save on costs. Hire a company that helps you compare what parking providers are charging. But don’t let your quest for lower rates compromise the safety of your car. 

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