5 essential tips to make sure you pick a great hotel on your trip to Thailand

5 essential tips to make sure you pick a great hotel on your trip to Thailand

Thailand, famously known as the land of smiles, is a destination packed with something for everyone, from culture and history buffs, party people, sunbathing and beach seekers, and of course foodies – with a range of dishes that means you never get tired of eating out.

From the jungles of Chang Mai, a region famous for wildlife and a laid back lifestyle, to the hectic bustling streets of the capital Bangkok, the varying experiences that Thailand offers are reflected in the type of accommodation visitors can choose between.

Getting everything organised can take an age, but here we have some tips to help you pick your Thailand accommodation with less fuss and time. So before you decide on the best possible hotel for your trip to Thailand keep these five key pieces of advice in mind.

Tip #1 – Plan and book well ahead

This isn’t so important if you plan to be in Thailand during the quiet/low season or have a less ‘touristy’ destination in mind. However, if you are going to be traveling during high season, to popular locations or while major cultural holidays and festivals are in full swing you may struggle to have the choice hotels you’d ideally like. You can also be sure the prices will rocket during these times too.

Tip #2 – Book according to the reason you are traveling

There are distinct sectors in each area of Thailand which generally appeal to a particular type of traveler. For example, in Phuket Kata is the best choice for families, while honeymooners should head for Khao Lak; while in Bangkok youngsters will enjoy staying in Pathumwan, and newlyweds will love the Riverside sector. Pleasure and leisure seekers will find more to occupy them in Siam, Silam or Suhumvit.

Tip #3 – Focus on one key ‘must be …’

It’s rare to find a hotel in Thailand that can meet all needs, so choose based on the one thing that matters the most. This could mean being based very close to a good public transport hub, the shops, the airport, the nightlife, or some of the main tourist sites.

Tip #4 – Don’t be swayed by extras you won’t use

Things like business centers and indoor pools are lovely to have on tap, but if you know that you won’t use them then why bother paying extra? A hotel may have a dozen bars or restaurants but charge three times more per than or meal than a hotel just as good but a little more modest just along the street.

Tip #5 – Thailand has no officially agreed star rating system

Always tread warily, as what you expect from a hotel labeled as having 4 or 5 stars may not be what you get. It’s better to look for the facilities you want and consider things like location and price when deciding if a hotel is right for you than assume the star rating means anything.

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