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5 Easy Packing Tips-Travel Light with Style

Solo Travel Light but Look Good.  Sounds like a challenge?  Surprises can range from sudden weather changes to broken zippers or even finding what you packed won’t work for the active trip you planned.

It can be a real struggle to know how to pack light to save and have less luggage to drag around. I really see this when I get to a far away train station with no elevator!  To make it worse, how is it possible to go through lots of time zones and climates and not look like a ship wreck!

Solo Travel Light but Look Good: Tip 1:

Use color to be chic even on a small budget.

Many women like to wear black. The good news is that it travels well even if you spill your coffee on the plane!  To introduce a fashion look at no more cost, add a second color. The best way? Place it close to your face by having a bright or primary color in a blouse or jacket.

An added benefit? It photographs well!


Solo Travel Light but Look Good: Tip 2:

You call them sneakers? I call them “space stealers”.  Worse yet? As each of us “hoofs” around the Left Bank in Paris, it will not be a fit.

I fell in love with ballet flats in bright colors. They can  easily go from sightseeing to dinner.


My very favorite ballet flat

Solo Travel Light but Look Good: Tip 3:

Leave the fanny pack at home since it shouts “not chic” all over the world! It also is a good way to attract pick pockets. They will see you as a good target with travel funds stuffed inside your pouch for shopping.

I like small purses that can be worn around the neck or under the arm. They are hard to swipe and look chic.  If you get one that holds a smartphone, passport, cash and keys, you will have your hands free to snap selfies at the Eiffel Tower.


Solo Travel Light but Look Good: Tip 4:

Make a multi-colored scarf your travel mate.

At home, I don’t often wear scarves. However, on travel, I fine they are great to add style and for practical uses. In Cambodia, I found my new “wing man”, a $20 vibrant silk scarf. It now goes with me through out the world!

  1. Wear scarves for style.
  2. Use scarves for head and/or shoulder covering in houses of worship.
  3. Loose the chill in arctic air conditioning with a large scarf that can be a kind of cover up.
  4. Don’t pack a belt. Just twirl the scarf, and tie it at your waist. Even bulky winter jackets and tops will look good that way.
  5. My favorite way to use a scarf is to hide my money belt!



Solo Travel Light but Look Good: Tip 5:

Make it easy to go from day to night.

The best bet is to pack gold or other metallic shoes and purses.



Take silk blouses or synthetic knock-off’s as they look elegant.

I found here in the US that silk or silk-like Indian kurti blouses had the right look to go into the night. (They are great to for avoiding too much sun.)


For more tips on how to travel light in style, look at our blogs and our free mobile app, the Solo Sherpa for iPhones and for Android devices.

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