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35 Smart Adventure Solo Travel Tips

New Tips How to Make Solo Adventure Travel Easier Now: Adventure travel is my passion. However, there have been some challenges. I just missed being a snack for crocodiles. I have gone through low grade wars abroad. I have survived two emergency landings on commercial jets. I have someup-to-date tips on how to make adventure travel easier.

Be sure to see the tips in bold below.

New Tips How to Make Solo Adventure Travel Easier Now: Before you leave home:

Tip 1 Getting There:

The length of your trip may mean 2 days of flights. I think it is good to break it up. When I flew to Beijing and Bangkok, I spent the night at a 4 star hotel in the latter. I then flew on to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to catch a boat to Vietnam. The stop was well worth it to sleep and catch up with the time zones.

Tip 2 Costs of Upgrades

I say it is good to save the cost of airfare to use for where you stay or for tours.  Here is my new thought. Break up your trip.  Pay or use miles for an upgrade for the overnight leg to go back home. Why? When you go out, you are excited as you go on your trip. As you come back from a tough, active trip, the upgrade is worth the cost. When I had 17 days in India, I had trekked through rains and heat. I was thrilled to have a bed on my flight for the next leg.

Tip 3  Read your visa. Much is said about fears of terrorism abroad.  Know that this works both ways. When you go abroad, your destination may want to take a hard look at you. So you must read your visa! I know this sounds like the word of a timid traveler. Please stay tuned.  I and some of my group found our visas had an extra point. We had to register as Foreign Nationals. With my trips to 67 places, this was new!  If there is a question, ask if it can be deleted.

Tip  4 In the US, sign up for TSA precheck and/or the Global Entry. This helps with lines.

Tip 5 Think about health issues. Four of five times I have had malaria pills. I took them but saw few mosquitoes. I have known of those who did have malaria.  Check shots and how to be safe abroad.

Tip 6 Get travel insurance. Look at Cancel for any Reason. Why do you need this?  Both flights and tours are costly. I was glad to have it when I was robbed in broad daylight.

Tip 7 Have someone at home that can wire cash if you need it. Hospitals abroad may ask to be paid cash each day. They may not take credit cards.

New Tips How to Make Solo Adventure Travel Easier Now: Money Matters:

Tip 8 ATM’s work well for local cash. To save fees, take a card that does not have fees to use abroad. Be sure it works abroad as not all do.

Tip 9 Take lots of $1 for tips.

Tip 10 Copy credit cards, passport and visas.

New Tips How to Make Solo Adventure Travel Easier Now:  Packing: Carry-on Only:

Tip 11 Take hands free totes for drinks, photos and phones. If you go solo, you will need this pair of extra “hands”.

Tip 12 Think about the heat or cold. In the tropics, a small, small umbrella works for sun and rain. A slicker is too hot.

Tip 13 In Africa, I found out that you can use a damp wash cloth for air “conditioning”.

Tip 14 If you need to wake up, take coffee bags and for cream hot chocolate for your room. Don’t pay and wait for room service.

Tip 15 Pack “bugs away” or pre-treated shirts and pants.

Tip 16 Try a dryer sheet in your pants pocket.

Tip 17 Take socks to dodge bugs and when you go to local spots with no shoes.

Tip 18 Pack both adapter and converter. Your lodging may have an adapter but not a converter. I found that devices that are “universal” may not be.

Tip 19 If local customs mean a long skirt or other dress, buy one there. Leave it behind for a local charity.  You may rent sarees in India for special events.

Tip 20  Each airline sets weight on board. You may find that in country flights have 11 pounds allowed.

Tip 21  You should take 3 or more ball point pens. Why? In both airports or top hotels, they can be hard to find.

Tip 22 Flashlights are key. In the EU, I have used these at night. On any tour, it helps to find the lights in the dark in your room.

Tip 23 Get a small battery operated fan on the Net. Get extra batteries. They go fast as I found!

Tip 24 Take bug spray if you are in remote places.

Tip 25 Use wash and wear clothes you can wash by hand at night.

Tip 26 Be sure to have hand wipes or hand sanitizer.

New Tips How to Make Solo Adventure Travel Easier Now: Shopping:

Tip 27 I am not much of a shopper. But think about deals where you will go. Most places have jewelry and clothes that can be a good buy. You may find sales for seasons the opposite at home.

Tip 28 In Asia and India, I found great custom made silk clothes. The prices and silks were great. If you pack a shirt or outfit that you want copied.

Tip 29 You will be amazed at what you find. Travel TV’s Josh Gates spoke of shrunken heads with broad smiles. On my India tour, we had a “bus bazaar”. I found treasures including an “elephant with a baby” in rose stone.  I looked again. Its baby was seen through its rib cage only!  Did that mean it was a pregnant elephant?  I still don’t know what I bought, but it makes me smile.

Tip 30 Flights may not let you bring scary things on board. One such gift in the bus bazaar was a package of “cobras”. Take the top off, and they jumped out!  (They were made of fabric.)

New Tips How to Make Solo Adventure Travel Easier Now: Safety:

Tip 31 Don’t drive in most places. You may qualify for race tracks at home, but you may miss top spots if you are lost and even have a wreck. Some countries may charge you if you have a wreck.

Trip 32 Care for phones and devices.  Wi-Fi may not be safe. “Ransoms” have been paid when a lost phone caused a “kidnapping” alert. The only hostage? The device!

Tip 33 At tour sites watch and have a plan B in case of an attack.

Tip 34 Know that petty crime like theft is more likely than terrorism. Wear a money belt. Split cash and cards.

Tip 35 Think how to be safe when you choose lodging. Group houses and rentals may not have the security of large chain hotels. For fellow women solo travelers, see if room nos. are not shouted out and if you can find meals at night safely.

New Tips How to Make Adventure Travel Easier Now: If you plan ahead and think what you are doing, adventure travel can still be hopefully more fun than challenging. The real key is to find what meets your own comfort level.

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