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-33 Days Left, Fun Holiday Facts & Solo Destinations



With 33 days and counting until the holidays, here are today’s new fun and funny holiday facts:

Did you know:

Canada is the only known country that has given Santa Claus his own zip code!  Beat the rush by sending your list right away to: SANTA CLAUS, NORTH POLE  H0H 0H0, CANADA

Another Top Solo Travel Idea for the Holidays:

For a completely unique New Year’s, join a tour to Nepal.

Below is a past sample of  a Nepal tour during the holidays. For upcoming tours, click here.

You will arrive in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, for an easy hike through some of the world’s most remarkable (and loftiest) terrain. From the foothills, you will gaze at the Himalaya’s, and meet local residents.  You will then trek through the Chitwan National Park and see wildlife  in their natural habitat.

In the small villages (Tamang and Gurung clan regions), you will make your way through bamboo and oak forests with luscious rhododendron in contrast to a likely wintry landscape back home. Passing by glaciers and majestic mountain peaks, you will conclude your fascinating journey at the glacier basin known as the Sanctuary.


Day 1:       Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 2:       Pokhara to the Modi River Valley

Day 3:       Village of Majgaun

Day 4:       Old village of Dhampus

Day 5:       Pokhara

Days 6-7:  Chitwan National Park

Days 7-8:   Kathmandu plus Bhaktapur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Day 9:         Departure


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