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-32 Days Left, Fun Holiday Facts & Solo Destinations

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Fun and Odd Christmas Facts:

Did you know:  Although there is nothing more traditional than an English Christmas, during Oliver Cromwell’s time most festive celebrations were banned as not in keeping with the Puritans’ view of an appropriate religious observance.

Fun Holiday Solo Travel Destination:

Space available is filling up fast so don’t delay: Now is the time to book a truly unique Christmas/New Year’s in Fiji.

Think that is a destination only for honeymooners? (Checkout our Fiji For Solo Travelers Blog.)

Consider the following exciting options that await you there:

-Scuba diving and snorkeling

-Swimming with sharks

-Rappelling down thirty feet next to a waterfall before swimming in a pitch-black dark cave

-Feasting on an array of sumptuous seafood

-Exploring history dating back to the mid-1600’s. (In 1789, Captain Bligh made famous by the Mutiny on the Bounty also stopped by Fiji.)

-Coming face-to-face with unique wildlife like the confounding “Monkey-faced Bat”

-Touring really spooky caves with little natural light (and possibly some resident creatures?)

-Sailing to nearby islands and relaxing on the beach

-Trying your hand at parasailing

-Last but not least, “Zorbing”. If you had fun as a child chasing a ball down a hill, this is the same concept: Except as an adult you will be inside the ball!

If all else fails, you will be able to dine out on your Fiji stories for years to come.

Space available for the holidays is limited so go today to Our Fiji Packages. Follow the link to our booking engine where there will be multiple additional options varying in price and type.


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