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-30 Days Left, Fun Holiday Facts & Solo Destinations


Fun and Odd Christmas Facts:

If you are currently pricing Christmas trees, can you guess what (and where) was the most expensive one ever?

Past Guinness Book of World Records reported:

Price: $11,026,900.  That awesome Christmas Tree had a few enhancements–181 twinkling baubles of fine jewelry were nestled among its evergreen branches!

Location: the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Fun Holiday Solo Travel Destination:

Costa Rica:

This is one destination that fits a range of budgets and vacations for virtually everyone! In addition, for those living in North America or Latin America, the trip is fairly short with many flights/airlines to chose from.

Your options in Costa Rica:

-Miles of beaches on two coasts from the Pacific Ocean’s surf to the more tranquil Caribbean Sea

-Local cuisine and seafood in multiple bistros, hotels and high-end resorts

-Adventure tours where you can zipline above the treetops or rappel down from staggering heights

-Ecotours and hikes through the rainforest

-Wildlife sightings from the ever-present frogs, prancing monkeys to humming birds buzzing around the hotel balconies

-Museums and historical buildings from the 19th century. Most famous of the latter are the National Theatre. It is flanked by Beethoven (doubling as a concert hall?) and on the other famed 17th century Spanish playwright, Calderón de La Barca.

-Shopping in boutiques and resort shops or in markets for local handicrafts

-Sunny climate but with breezes making the temperature a comfortable one

For more on Costa Rica, click here!


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