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3 Tips for Staying Safe on Your Lone Road Trip

3 Tips for Staying Safe on Your Lone Road Trip, a Guest Post by Finnegan Pierson: 

Few things in life are as freeing as a solitary road trip. When hitting the open road, you want to be sure both you and your vehicle are prepared to have a safe, exhilarating journey. Read on for 3 helpful tips that will help you be ready for the best road trip ever!


  1. Be Sure Your Vehicle is Road Ready

First things first, before you can even think about planning a road trip, you must be sure you have a car or truck that is dependable and safe. If you are at all wary about the fitness of your current vehicle, it may not be a wise idea to take it on a long road trip. Instead, consider taking a trip behind the wheel of a brand new or pre-owned vehicle from a reputable dealer. If you are concerned about the costs of purchasing a vehicle, have no fear; there are many auto financing options available to help you make the most out of your budget. By buying a more secure, reliable vehicle, you will set yourself up for many safe, successful, and enjoyable road trips!


If you already have a top-notch ride, make sure it is in perfect working order before you set out on your trip. Have your car fully serviced to check the tires, lights, and engine. Also, make sure to check your registration and inspection to be certain they are up to date.


  1. Plan Ahead for Safety

Though it can be extremely tempting to simply jump in the car and drive with no plan or schedule, that isn’t the safest course of action. Especially when traveling alone, it is extremely important to make a plan and to communicate it to someone else. If any unforeseen trouble arises, you’ll be glad there’s someone aware of where you are going and for how long.


To avoid running out of gas, it’s best to plan your route so you’ll know where gas stations are located. If you believe you will need to spend the night in a hotel, it is best to call ahead to be sure there are vacancies; you never want to assume you will be accommodated, especially in an unfamiliar location that may not have safe rest areas available. For maximum safety, research any area in which you plan to stop. It is best to make sure that you are not headed into a neighborhood known for dangerous activities such as car theft or violent crime.


  1. Pack for All Contingencies

Even if you are someone who can usually survive comfortably on limited resources, when taking a lone road trip, it’s best to take extra precautions and supplies. Starting with your route planning, do not rely solely on the internet for your directions. It is always possible that you will travel through areas without adequate cellular signals. This means that the direction app on your phone will stop and you will be out of luck if you do not have a back-up plan. To avoid driving aimlessly, download your trip directions ahead of time so that any lag in service will not cause you trouble. To be even more prepared, print out your directions before you leave so that if your phone stops working, you will still be able to keep yourself on track.


Food and drink are another crucial part of any road trip. While you may feel confident that you’ll be able to purchase whatever you need along the way, it is always best to plan for things that could go wrong. If you end up getting lost or if your car gets stalled, you will need to stay hydrated and nourished. Bring plenty of bottled water and non-perishable snacks along just in case.


Taking a road trip by yourself can be the adventure of a lifetime. To make sure you have a safe and enjoyable journey, think ahead and plan for every possible eventuality. With proper preparation, you can ensure your safety and fully appreciate your road trip experience!

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