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3 Christmas Traditions to Inspire You

Crisp air. Bright lights. A chance of snow. It can only mean one thing: Christmas is well and truly here. Are you getting tired of using the same decorations, though? Worry not, there are plenty of ways to shake up your décor this year! Why not take inspiration from other countries? Here, we explore three fun traditions from around the world. 

Geometric mobiles 

Want to give a unique character to your Christmas tree this year? How about placing some geometric mobiles on its branches? Yes, you read that right. This is tradition in Finland, where the decorations are made out of straw. Head there at this time of year, and you’ll likely hear all about the importance of visiting a sauna on Christmas Eve. It’s customary to visit this kind of cleansing room the day before Christmas, as it’s widely believed that this practice cleanses both the body and the mind. If you love the cosiness of the season, you may want to head here for your next winter holiday. 

If you’re after a tasteful tree that can withstand the test of time, make sure to shop with a furniture specialist. You’ll then be able to make your home festive with complete confidence. 

Giant lanterns 

Do you love the light of Christmas? We’re talking about the candles, the lanterns and the fairy lights. If so, you’ll likely enjoy learning about the Giant Lantern Festival in the Philippine capital of San Fernando. As its name suggests, this involves several big lanterns, each of which has been built by a barangay (village). Its origins stem back a long way – though originally, the lanterns were typically about half a metre in diameter. These days, however, they can be up to five metres in size! Consisting of various materials – including origami paper – they’re illuminated by bright bulbs. Given their beauty, you could always create your own lanterns on a far smaller scale and place them around your home! 

St. Nicholas’ Day 

You’ll no doubt have heard of Saint Nicholas – but he isn’t to be confused with Father Christmas. Unlike him, Saint Nicholas travels by donkey on the night of December 6, and leaves sweets, coins and other small treats in the shoes of children. Traditionally a German custom, originating from the Bavarian region, there are several variations on this theme across Europe. If you want to make your home feel extra festive, you could always fill a clean pair of shoes with goodies and leave them by the door of each main room. That way, you’ll be bringing a beloved tradition into your home this Christmas. 

Christmas is an exciting time of year – select from any of our suggestions, and you’ll be able to incorporate some truly seasonal traditions into your décor theme. 

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