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-24 Days Left in #HolidayCountdown: Fun Facts and Solo Destinations



More Fun and Really Odd Holiday Facts:

With only 24 days left, it’s time for today’s fun fact about weird and wacky celebrations around the world:

Fireworks are traditional almost everywhere; however, having at least one Scottish ancestor, I couldn’t resist recounting this tale.

If you find yourself in Scotland, be prepared to duck!  In Stonehaven, the celebration includes a New Year’s Eve parade with spinning balls of fire making for a lively treat.


Fun Holiday Solo Travel Destination, Morocco

For an off the beaten path holiday, choose Morocco!

  • See if there is snow in the Atlas Mountain peaks.
  • Go for a very (very) fast hydrofoil cruise past the Rock of Gibraltar.
  • Regale in the mild temperatures without the North African summer’s heat.
  • Sample top local cuisine.
  • Ride a camel, or take a local day tour through the desert.
  • Shop until you drop at the local souks, and learn to bargain like you are not really a tourist!
  • Explore historic and archaeological sites like the Kasbah of the Udayas and the ruins of the Roman city of Volubilis.
  • Choose from multiple sites to visit from Rabat to Marrakesh to Casa Blanca to Fez or Tangier.
  • Marvel at natural wonders like the Ouzoud Falls,

For more on Morocco click here!





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