21 Activities to Do in Bali with Kids

21 Activities to Do in Bali with Kids

A grand getaway to Bali can offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your entire family. Here are the top 21 things to do with children during your trip to Bali.

Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali

This museum has a fantastic collection of 3-dimensional paintings and animal-themed paintings to get children interested and involved in art appreciation.

Waterbom Bali

This enormous water park offers some of the largest and most thrilling water slides in the country. It’s excellent for older children as they will be big enough to try all the wonders the park has to offer.

Ocean Walker Amuk Bay

This excursion provides families with the opportunity to go on diving experiences where they can walk the ocean floor and see the amazing marine life around the island.

Circus Water Park Kuta

This park is ideal for kids under the age of 11 because it has a wide range of smaller water slides and rides your little ones will love.

Monkey Forest in Ubud

A wild place where monkeys live! Families get instructions on how to safely feed and interact with the monkeys.

Elephant Safari Rides in Ubud

These majestic creatures will take you on a stroll through their jungle home. Your children will be shocked to see their Mom and Dad sitting on top of an elephant’s back.

Bali Zoo in Gianyar

This zoo has over350 animals and a vast array of interactive opportunities with the animals.

Ubud Bike Tour

This tour will take you on a ride around one of the most beautiful cities in Bali, sharing both the history and the culture of the region.

Taman Nusa Bali

Truly a cultural park, Taman Nusa provides families with a series of interactive demonstrations, presentations, and activities that allow you to understand and experience the cultural history of Bali and the people of Bali.

Natural Hot Springs in Kintamani

While they may not be overly exciting for younger children, these springs offer the perfect chance to relax and unwind in between your adventures on the island.

Trans Studio Bali

This is the first-ever indoor theme park with roller coasters. While on a significantly smaller scale, this theme park is the Bali version of theme parks throughout the United States.

Unicorn Cafe

This cafe is a magical place that transforms an ordinary lunch outing into a mystical unicorn fantasy your family won’t forget.

Pondok Pekak Library

This magical library offers hands-on learning and activities from carving fruit to learning to dance.

Temega Tree House

Put a restaurant in a treehouse and end up with lots of fun. This restaurant treehouse is in Karangasem. You can take your children there to enjoy lunch with a view of the island while enjoying the fantasy of living in a treehouse.

Bali Wake Park & Aqualand

A floating playground like you’ve never seen before. Picture the most magnificent inflatable bounce house and obstacle course you’ve ever seen, make it larger, more fun, and float it on the water.

Eco Tour at Green Village

This tour will show you and your family how a working village can be made entirely of bamboo and naturally renewable resources.

Aussie Bali Adventures

This joyous excursion offers ATV adventures and white water rafting,

Pirate Bay off the Nusa Dua Beach

This unforgettable landscape has authentic looking pirate ships and treehouse cafes. It’s a perfect activity for children who love the sea.

Glass-Bottomed Boat Tours

These strange and intriguing boats provide a unique look downward at the marine life around the island.

Bali Bird Park

For bird-loving children (and mothers and fathers), this park will get you up close and personal with the native birds of Bali.

Kemenuh Butterfly Park in Gianyar

This fairytale palace is filled with butterflies, flowers, and fresh-smelling air.

Wherever you wander, remember to be safe.

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