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10 Tips for Becoming a Better Archer

Archery is a long-standing tradition in most parts across the world, especially North America. 

Throughout history, people have been engaging in archery, whether in war or sport. 

The fact that archery is fun is seeing more and more people get on board with the sport. 

To help you improve, here are 10 tips for becoming a better archer. 

Use Useful Archery Gear

With the tremendous developments and improvements in archery, you should take advantage of the technology. 

Utilize any features provided by your gear to help you make a better shot. 

For example, activate lighted pins in low -light conditions, use the bubble level to ensure the bow is not tilted and crossbow scopes to help you see better in low light conditions as the lens glass is of better quality. 

Tune Your Bow and Don’t Give Up Accuracy for Speed

By fine-tuning your bows, they will fly truer a straighter hence improving your overall performance. 

French, Paper, and other tuning methods are all excellent in enhancing your bow’s accuracy. 

More so, you need to keep in mind that you should not sacrifice accuracy for speed. You better shoot a slower bow that is precise rather than a quick bow that won’t hit the target. 

Stay Calm, Relax, Breathe and Aim Small 

Keeping calm and controlling your calm is essential in improving your archery accuracy. Take deep breaths in and out calmly as you draw your calm and then slow down your breathing and stop inhaling and exhaling momentarily as you lose the arrow. You also need to aim small, to miss small.

Keep an Open Grip

Immediately you have drawn the bow; you should keep your grip on the handle open and loose. You should not grasp the handle of the bow. Let the grip to seat in the curve of your palm comfortably. This will enhance accuracy and reduce torque. 

Maintain Your Anchor Point and Use A Kisser Button and Peep Sight

Archery is largely about muscle recollection. Upholding the same anchor point every time you shoot plays a significant part in refining your accuracy. Select more contact points within your anchor point every time you shoot to know that you are executing it the same all times. Also, using a kisser button and a peep sight will make a whole world of difference in improving your archery. 

Perfect Your Stance and Form

To perfect your form and stance, you should start by separating your feet approximately to the shoulder width. Then stand in the way that you are slightly opened up toward the target. Ensure that you are not leaning forward or backward. Maintain your torso straight and keep your chest up.

Float Your Pins and Implement A Solid Follow-Through

Float the pin until you get on the target rather than aiming the bow. As the pin floats over the target, squeeze the shot off. You should ensure to retain the pin on bull’s eye up until the arrow has stuck it. Finish with a compact follow-through. If you are shooting appropriately, the bow should gradually tip straightly forward as soon as the arrow leaves the bow. 

Don’t Practice Hard, Practice Smart

It is not helpful to go out, shooting hundreds of arrows daily. The best way to get better in archery is by shooting five to ten arrows every afternoon while focusing on your form and making every arrow count. 

Shorten the Release and Allow the Shot to Surprise You

You shouldn’t pull the release using the tip of your finger. You should adjust the release length to find a happy medium to prevent you from pulling your shot. More so, if you are finding it challenging with accuracy, let the shot surprise you similar to shooting a rifle. This will help alleviate target panic resulting in better performance.


Learning archery is not a one-time affair, but rather it’s a process that takes time. 

So, you need to take your time and be patient enough.


These are the top ten tips for becoming a better archer. Get your archery gears today and start executing the guidelines. We hope these tips will help you become a better archer. 

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