10 reasons you should go sailing in the Caribbean this year

10 reasons you should go sailing in the Caribbean this year

Caribbean islands are associated with white beaches and light blue water. Happy people sit there in the palms shadow, drink cocktails, wait for exotic seafood and don’t know if there’s another life out there. If you doubt whether you should try Caribbean yachting, read this article to wish the journey soon to begin.

The Caribbean islands consist of more than 700 islands and cays. They include smaller archipelagos such as the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos, alone standing islands (Cuba, Martinique, etc.) and even mainland countries like Belize and Nicaragua (because of their political and cultural ties with the region). This natural and cultural variety contains hundreds of places worth taking sailboat charter and visiting them. Here are the most striking of them.

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Crooked Island

You’ve seen this island before in some videos or pictures describing Caribbean beautiful places. Sandy palm shores here form a perfect semicircle creating the enormous shallow bay with sea turtles and unbelievable fishes. You can meet no live soul during your sailing trip in the Bahamian Islands. Just you, your sailboat and the open sea around with all the treasures it hides.

The Exumas

Exuma Islands are a part of the Bahamian archipelago. But this tiny piece of the Caribbean islands contains many sightseeings anyone would be happy to see. The islands are scattered around like emeralds on the turquoise velvet, and the Caribbean vacation is a perfect way to discover amazing places in the nearest waters.

One of them is the Amberjack Reef near Warderick Wells Cay, similar to an underwater forest. Different marine species dwell here, rare and bizarre, such as black grouper fish or garden eels which look like plants growing from the bottom.

The other sightseeing you must go on sailing holidays is the Washing Machine near Shroud Cay. It is an underwater current suddenly grabbing you and dragging for 50 feet. The experience is similar to riding a rollercoaster or an underwater cable car, with excellent views of the ocean bottom under you.

Bimini Islands

Bimini lies to the South-west of the Bahamas. The Victory Reef is the main attraction of these islands. Because of the Gulf Stream running through this place, this reef is full of various life forms which are rare to meet anywhere else. The other thing about the Bimini islands you must visit on your Caribbean holidays is the famous Bimini Road. It is the row of plates somehow reminding an ancient road on the ocean bottom. Must see for everyone, even if you’re not a conspiracy enthusiast.

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If you look for places to visit in the Caribbean islands, try this one. Eleuthera island is surrounded by shallow waters where you can dive, swim and sail days long. Visit the Devil’s Backbone, the ship graveyard where you can even find an underwater antique train. And there’s the Current Cut for fun lovers, another flow dragging you in the narrow pass between two islands.

The Grenadines

The Grenadine islands consist of two parts, the southern (Grenada) and the northern (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines country). This part of the Caribbean sailing trips lies near Tobago Cays, a group of small islets grown on a large coral reef. This place is an underwater national park with no borders, where fishes and turtles swim around you not having fear at all. And if you don’t like diving on sailing vacations, come to the places the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ were filmed, they’re in the same location. If you want to rent amazing yachts within islands – click here.

Turks and Caicos

If you plan to spend one week in the Caribbean with the family, spend it on Turks and Caicos. These islands have nothing particular to be famous for, just pleasant atmosphere, calm weather, gentle white beaches and friendly ocean waves. One of the beaches here, the Grace Bay beach is considered to be the best beach in the world according to Trip Advisor.

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Cooper Island

This island is a part of BVI, British Virgin Islands, the place most sailors call the sailing capital of the world. Enjoy yacht charter vacations following Cristopher Columbus or Jacques-Yves Cousteau, depending on what kind of activities you prefer. And if you’re neither an experienced sailor nor a diving expert, enjoy tasting the authentic pirate rum in one of the island’s cafes.  

Dog Islands 

These islands are called so because of the barking seals species resting in the past on these shores. There are no dogs (maybe just a few), but a lot of underwater forests around the islands. In case you’ve got tired from all this nature variety, choose one of the sailing charters and go to the sunken plane at a 40 feet depth.


Everybody loves Barbados. Some people sail Caribbean islands just to take a vacation here. The reason is that the island has plenty of activities from golf to underwater caves diving. And also — beautiful beaches on western and southern parts of the land. But remember to avoid the eastern part: although there’s no living soul on these shores, the current is too dangerous to swim around.

Saint Vincent Island

This fabulous island has appeared on Earth for you to spend a yacht week in the Caribbean. It has a variety of bays, coves and even mountain ranges. You can take a bareboat charter and sail here to see the Montreal gardens which are the real tropical jungle. And don’t get bored from the sea journeys: the Soufriere volcano awaits those who would ascend its top and see the stunning views of the whole Saint Vincent.

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